Turn your pet into a handpainted, custom oil painting.

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It usually takes between 4 to 8 weeks until you receive your painting. Once you receive your painting, hang it up, bring friends over, and enjoy a glass of wine (with pinky up optional).
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Constance Wu
"I still can't get over this painting that @depicteur made me!"
Jon M. Chu
"We never all took a picture together at the premiere so Harry Shum Jr. had one made and gave it to me as a gift. 😮😮😮what a touching beautiful family pic to remember the year that changed me forever."
Harry Shum Jr.
"Big shout out to the fine folks at Depicteur for bangin’ out such a mind blowing original painting. This massive piece of art took about 3+ months to finish having to paint 30 faces with dress and suit details down to the T. These guys are the real deal. AMAZING!"
Alice S.
"I had an excellent experience working with Depicteur, and highly recommend them! They were very patient with me, and we corresponded back and forth with several revisions for them to get my paintings just right. I had two paintings done, and they both exceeded my expectations. One of the frames arrived with a small chip from shipping, and they were able to pick it up and have it reframed for me! I commend them on their phenomenal customer service."
Michelle L.
"Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday, and WOW, we were amazingly impressed with how you have unbelievably captured Moby's spirit. Mitch was undeniably happy and amazed at the creation that lay before him. I took photos of him opening up the his present. I also took a photo of how Moby reacted to the oil painting. Between the communication and the final product, I have nothing but positive remarks to say about how this company conducts business, and the quality of your work. It is truly impeccable."
"Absolutely mindblowing work. Depicteur worked perfectly with me to get the exact painting I had in mind as a gift for my husband. The quality is unbelievable and I can recommend anyone to get their own master piece! Thank you!"
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