All Hail Maccha and Hiro.

We have these 2 friends, they're fury, cut as hell and can literally make us crawl and beg for their attention. Wait, is that how friends treat each other? Whatever, they're sooooo cute. So naturally, we thought they deserved paintings. 

Maccha and Hiro are Instagram stars with personalities to match. We wanted to help capture some of that personality in a painting so we worked with their humans through Depicteur Studios and landed on some wonderful concepts. Maccha truly does act like a queen. Not bratty but sort of this kind, polite sass. Hiro has a bit more of an adventurous vibe. Like he's gonna save the world or something. 

Check their Instagram pages out and follow them. Their captions are wonderful and why wouldn't you guys want to see these two pop up in your feed?

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