Michelle Lauchlan

Hello Depicteur Family,
Yesterday was my boyfriend's birthday, and WOW, we were amazingly impressed with how you have unbelievably captured Moby's spirit. Mitch was undeniably happy and amazed at the creation that lay before him. I took photos of him opening up the his present. I also took a photo of how Moby reacted to the oil painting. Between the communication and the final product, I have nothing but positive remarks to say about how this company conducts business, and the quality of your work. It is truly impeccable.
Have a wonderful weekend.


John Eysman

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that the painting arrived and my girlfriend LOVED it. She couldn't stop laughing for a solid 15 minutes and we have it hanging at home now. So happy with the work!!


Kent yoshimurA

CEO of Neurogum

Wow - Depicteur is amazing. I heard about the service through reddit and sent in a crappy photoshop design I made for my friend's birthday. Their customer service team helped me through the entire process to make sure I got my roommate the best gift ever. From framing to the final image, it was immaculate.
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