Mobile Casino

Many players are joining the new mobile casino movement massively. Mobile is becoming very popular because of its convenience. New mobile casino lobbies also feature a wide selection of games such as slots, tables, bingo, and other instant games that customers can enjoy. Also, mobile casino operators are running specific promotions for their players, which you can only access when you are playing on mobile. The popularity of this casino has also been due to compatibility; support is available for all the leading device manufacturers. Faced with multiple options, you don’t need to pound your head trying to figure out which is best for you; Depicteur has broken it down for you.

Benefits of a Mobile Casino

The apparent competition to a mobile casino is playing on PC and also the brick-and-mortar casino. Starting with the advantage over PCs, playing on mobile devices has a much better appearance, the technology in use today neatly structures the page more effectively. Furthermore, a mobile casino deposit by phone bill adds depositing convenience. This is a definite advantage over desktop computers because it’s a new way for players to make payments conveniently. It’s difficult for players to enjoy similar convenience even in brick and mortar casinos. For one, the games offered on mobile can be easily accessed.

It is very hard for a player walking into a brick and mortar casino to view more than a 100 games in just one go, but for mobile casino players, this is the norm. All the games are neatly packed in the games lobby where they can be accessed at any time. The game speed is also a plus for mobile customers. When playing in brick and mortar casinos, you have to wait for other players to complete their bets, but in this type of casino you’re just playing against the dealer, and because of that, the games are fast. Some players may feel that they don’t want to interact with a lot of people when they are playing in the casino. This is very hard to do in real life, but in the mobile casino, there is no interaction whatsoever. It’s a quiet and controlled environment, and that is very appealing for most players. Here you’ll find the best online casino reviews for UK players.

Mobile-Specific Promotions

The proliferation of the mobile casino has meant that operators have had to be creative in their approach to attracting new customers. One of the ways they have gone about this is by introducing mobile-specific promotions and bonuses. Mobile casino no deposit required bonus is the obvious favourite, but there are other types of specific promotions in the UK. The first one is free spins. As the name suggests, this is when you get several free spins on selected slots. On top of the free mobile casino no deposit bonus mentioned before you can also have limited-time free bets. This type of bonus entails that a player can freely bet on any game of their choosing for a limited time. The last option is the match deposit bonus; this is where the casino matches your bonus up to a specific amount. You can easily find operators offering your favourite reward by searching for a free signup bonus no deposit mobile casino in your browser.

Online Mobile Welcome Bonus

The mobile welcome bonus is exclusively for new players as soon as they activate a mobile account. Some operators can give you some cash to get you up and going, for example, you can receive a free £10 no deposit bonus on a mobile casino to use on any game. This is an example of a free mobile casino no deposit bonus. More standard rewards are also available, on signing up you get a percent bonus on your deposit up to a certain predetermined amount. On top of the mobile casino free bonus, some operators also reward new players with free spins. These spins do expire and should be played within a set period. Claiming the welcome bonus is as easy as pie; you can use a coupon code, or the reward is automatically credited to your account. Most players prefer the latter because it’s hassle-free and it’s the easiest way to get up and running. You must make sure that you review the terms and conditions around this bonus. Like most bonuses available in a casino, it has wagering requirements that must be fulfilled before any winnings can be withdrawn. Some casinos only wager the amount of the bonus while others will also add the deposit.

Mobile VIP Programs

The VIP program is for premium mobile casino players. While it may sometimes be extended to all the casino customers, the norm is that it is strictly reserved for high rollers. The VIP program is also a reward system for players who have shown over time their affiliation to the casino through loyal play. You can also gain access by showing that you are comfortable betting significant amounts. VIPs can participate in special tournaments and exclusive promotions. The benefits also extend to extra spins and weekly bonus packages. One of the most common ways VIPs is rewarded, is through the high rollers deposit bonus. Because these VIP members are usually depositing high amounts, the casino offers them bonuses with little to no wagering requirements whatsoever. Naturally, the minimum deposit amount that the mobile casino requests is usually very high. As a VIP member, you also get exclusive account management in addition to other exclusive mobile casino free slots no deposit rewards.

Mobile Casino Free Spins

When you play in a mobile casino, you are likely to come across free spins at one point or another. These freeroll promotions are offered by the mobile casino at different stages, depending on the specific bonus. Some mobile free spins come as part of the welcome bonus, while in other circumstances, in conjunction with a deposit bonus or even as a mobile casino free bonus no deposit. The no deposit mobile casino free spins are the most sought after but they are subject to certain restrictions of which you must be aware. You cannot redeem these free spins no deposit uk mobile casino rewards for cash. A quick internet search for “mobile casino no deposit bonus keep what you win” is a good idea for anyone into mobile online gambling UK. Many players have unwittingly had their pounds forfeited because they did not pay attention to the small print.

Mobile Casino Games

The mobile casino lobby features a wide variety of games, pretty much all the games that you can find in traditional casinos. There is an enormous offering of slots that players can choose from, and all the fan-favourite titles are available. Here table games are also heavily represented; the vast selection includes popular games such as blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette online among others. Also, less well-known but loved games like sic bo and lottery scratch cards can also be found in a mobile casino. Players of every taste are sure to find something they can enjoy in the games lobby.


Slot machines are a very popular category; it’s not uncommon to find over two hundred slots from thirty different games software providers in one mobile casino. All the popular variations of these slots are located in the games lobby; these include video slots, 3D slots, three-reels, five-reels, and six-reels and are all compatible with mobile. Like other casinos, progressive jackpots are offered too. The slots are operated by random number generators which means that they are very fair, add that to fresh graphics, and you’ll have a formula that will keep many players coming back. The mobile casino also allows you to take advantage of the bonuses and promotions; players also regularly get in-game free spins. Mobile game slots are immensely popular amongst fans and feature all the well-known titles from prominent game software providers; the best part is that you have them all in the palm of your hand.

Table Games

Even though slot games have the bragging rights for the most significant number of games available in the online mobile casino lobby based on sheer volume, table games have the title for most variations. There are many types of mobile casino card games that you can enjoy. Some of the most well-known table games in this category are blackjack, craps, baccarat, and video poker. These games have found many fans over the last few years primarily due to thrilling gameplay. Mobile site operators and game software manufacturers have rightly noticed this trend and have produced riveting games with crystal clear graphics. Some less well-known card games can also be found in the casino. Admittedly you’ll be hard-pressed to find some of the games mentioned here if, at all they are offered, the mobile casino packs them in the speciality games section. These are sic bo, keno, pai gow poker, three-card brag, and so on.


Traditionally thought of as a game only enjoyed by pensioners, bingo was seeing its final days. Recently though, mobile casino bingo is receiving massive attention from players of all ages, it has also been reported that this is the fastest-growing segment in mobile gaming. Bingo casino operators are reporting a sharp spike in player registrations as players seek to enjoy this game in the comfort of their homes. Bingo has benefited immensely from the increased use of mobile devices in online gaming. Casinos carry different variations of this game, but the 90 ball is still favourite amongst many fans. You can also enjoy 75 ball bingo while opting to play for free or for cash. Just like the traditional game in walk-in casinos, mobile bingo lovers have numerous bonuses and promotions that they can claim. Furthermore, now made available in the mobile casino, you can play bingo across a plethora of devices, including the best Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows phones.


Players are generally drawn to the mobile casino because of its convenience and easy accessibility. An excellent example of these two qualities is when playing instant games. While players on a PC or laptop can also play instant games, there is an extra benefit of freedom that you get when playing online casino real money games on the go. There are no limits to the sheer number of games you can play; some big casino sites have hundreds of games which you can play anytime. Instant games do not even require a download, to experience the fun all you need to do is visit the mobile casino site from your browser and create an account. Instant games have however been known to have relatively low video quality when compared to native apps. Furthermore, there are some mobile casino games which may require additional plugins to play correctly in some browsers.

Mobile Casino Devices

The area where the mobile casino outshines all other casino options is in usability. The casino’s use as a web application makes it usable over a wide range of devices. Any device with a mobile browser and reasonable specs can be used to enjoy mobile casino online games; this includes all the smartphones and tablets on the market today. You can also choose to download specific software for Android, Windows Phone and iOS. It’s effortless for players to find an option which can work for them from this list of alternatives, and take part in exciting online games.


The boom of Android and iOS operating systems has seen somewhat of the death of the Windows phone. Also, not in the too distant past, Nokia dropped Windows as their main software on all their mobiles. But if you have an old trusted Lumia Windows phone that you can’t seem to throw away, don’t be disheartened. Players using Windows phones can still enjoy the mobile casino, there are a few ways you can enjoy your favourite mobile games. Number one is you can visit the Microsoft store and get the mobile casino up from there, which is if you can manage to find it. Alternatively, you can head over to the site and download the native app. If the mobile casino does not have a dedicated mobile app you can also use your Edge browser to play in the mobile casino, just log on to the casino website using your browser and enter your account details. Generally, Windows phones have powerful engines, and fantastic screens, the gameplay on these devices is impeccable.


Another casualty of the “mobile device war” was Blackberry. Once very popular among many people, Blackberry has experienced a dramatic decline since the 90s. There has been some form of a resurgence of late, but this company has not produced a new phone since 2018. This means most of the available blackberry phones are old, but players generally like them because they are well built and have very good Wi-Fi. You might be wondering if you can still enjoy free casino games on your trusted Blackberry 10 device. The short answer is indeed you can, but, you need to download the individual games one by one onto your device and play them from there. This drawback is only for the older Blackberry 10 devices. The relatively new Blackberry devices like the KEY 1 and the KEY2 are the real winners in this tale. These devices run on the Android 8.1 operating system, which means that you can play all the games available in the mobile casino lobby with ease.


The iPhone is a very popular phone brand here in the UK and across the world. Generally, these phones are exceptionally well made, and a lot of mobile providers have recognised this and have gone on to produce apps to cater for iPhone players. When using iOS, you have access to the best games in the mobile casino, you can play slots, table games and even try your hand against the live dealers in a live casino UK. iPhone players also benefit from the additional secure payment methods exclusively available to them. Apple pay is a very popular payment method, and most vendors are taking it up. Besides using the app download from the app store, you can also play fun games directly on your browser. You only need to access the casino using your phone and you are set. All the popular iPhone devices will work just fine, from the iPhone S to the latest iPhone 11 and SE.


The latest tech reviews state that Android phone customers account for more than 45% of the market for mobile devices in the UK. Although this figure is slightly lower than iOS usage, it is still a very significant chunk. Mobile casino developers have been seen focusing more on android friendly apps. Even though most new casino sites for Android websites also have a native Android app, you will not normally find one in the Play store. You need to download it straight from the mobile casino site and install it on your phone. A word of caution here, sometimes you may need to allow the “install from unknown devices” feature on your phone, this can be found in the settings. Once that is done, the app will install with no problems whatsoever, and you can enjoy a wide selection of online games from your Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, or Hisense phone. If you would rather not have a download the option to play from the browser is also available here.


The iPad is an iOS device made by Apple. This device has fantastic processing power and big screens which are both ideal for playing games in the mobile casino. This device is quickly becoming a must-have for most UK players because of its portability. You can conveniently place it in a small satchel and handbag, pulling it out when you want to play. The mobile casino will let you even use the same login details for iPad, iPhone, or laptop. The advantage of the iPad over its cousin the iPhone is the screen size. Coming in with big screens, sometimes even three to four times bigger, the iPad is easier to use over long periods. You not only benefit from Apple pay secure payment services but with iPad, you can also run two programs on the same screen side by side. Playing slots or blackjack online becomes quite an experience with the devices available today.


Now if you’re like me, and are one of those people who just can’t seem to get over their old, trusted java phone, but still want to have fun playing games in the mobile casino; we have good news for you. Your old Java mobile device can still play some of your favourite online games available in the casino. You can still enjoy old school slots, table games and many others right on your old mobile phone. To get set-up, you need to go to the mobile casino website and submit your contact details, specifically your mobile number. The casino operators will then forward to you via SMS, the detailed set-up instructions. Once you enter those instructions, voila, you can start enjoying all your favourite mobile casino games at your convenience. Java has been around for a span now, and funny enough this technology is being used even in the latest Android phones.

Types Of Deposit Methods

There are numerous payment methods available to players in the mobile casino. Most casino operators have partnered with all the major payment service providers in an attempt to provide players with safe, reliable and fast options. It’s not uncommon to see casinos offering up to twenty different payment methods, be it e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and recently, cryptocurrencies. Players need only to pick their preferred method and fund their accounts for them to get payments through the service providers. Most service providers process mobile casino deposits instantly, and many of them pay out withdrawals in reasonable time frames.


Pay by phone is an innovative way to make online payments, and players using this new method praise its quickness and ease of use. Only using your phone number, pay by mobile casino sites do not even ask you to enter any passwords. Also, unlike debit and credit cards, this payment technology has phased out the need for card details. Mobile casino deposit pay by phone bill is debited directly to your regular payments. The deposit is either added to the bill for the following month or deducted from the available mobile casino pay with phone credit. This new payment method is secure as it uses industry-standard digital encryption technology available in the UK.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is another new online payment method that is making waves in the mobile casino industry. This online payment method is exclusively available to only Apple product customers. This means that iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple watch customers can benefit from this fast and convenient payments platform. When using this Apple Pay, there are no card details asked for or required at any stage of the transaction. Instead, identity verification is by way of touch ID where players simply use their fingerprint. Apple Pay competes with other emerging technologies such as pay by phone, but one area where it comes out as a favourite is the maximum deposit allowable per day. Apple Pay is not bogged down by the £30 limit, which is an unpleasant feature of pay by phone.


Cryptocurrency is a decentralised digital currency, which is being used in ever-increasing quantities in the mobile casino arena today. The attraction for most players to the method of payment is that cryptocurrency is not controlled by any central government; it is completely decentralised. Broadly advertised as a safer way of making payments, cryptocurrency is easier to use for online payments than real money. The number of sites in the mobile casino industry accepting cryptocurrency is rising every day. Some of the most recognisable operators in this field are Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and Ripple. Most casino operators are actively advocating for the use of this currency as they say it provides their customers with the greatest benefit.

Importance Of Fully Licensed Mobile Casino

All forms of casinos, including the mobile casino, have to be registered by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to be able to fully function in the UK. The UKGC is an oversight body mandated by the government to make sure that UK casinos are operating ethically. Its main responsibility is to ensure the protection of players from unscrupulous industry practice. In this vein, the UKGC demands that all mobile casino activities are conducted above board in line with the spirit of fair play and responsible gaming. When you play on a UKGC licensed casino, you enjoy that added layer of protection.

You are already a winner here because you’re playing in a safe environment. This is critical when it comes to grievance resolution, particular when processing wins. Player complaints are easily escalated to the UKGC where they are handled in a speedy manner and with the highest ethical standards. UKGC licensed casinos also regularly undergo independently verified audits to check the RNG system operations. UKGC methods and requirements have been famed as some of the strictest in the mobile casino industry, which should be very good news for you as you can put your mind to rest as you engage in your favourite game.

Why Try Mobile Casino Demo Mode

The demo mode is a useful feature that all players should use. The demo allows players to get full access to the available mobile game libraries for free. New players to the casino can benefit as they can get a feel of what online mobile casinos are about. This hands-on experience is invaluable as it gives players the chance to learn the rules of the game while not risking any of their monies. Experienced players find value in the mobile casino demo mode when they want to check out new games. When trying out a new title, you don’t want to go all-in and risk losing your cash. The demo mode allows you to experience real gameplay conditions; you can then see if the new mobile casino games offer any exciting in-game rewards. The demo is even more useful for regular games. Here players are already comfortable with the gameplay, where the demo mode comes in is when testing new strategies and seeing if they work. The demo mode is free for all players; you can even use it before signing into the mobile casino. It is always useful to utilise the feature, no matter your level of play.

Mobile Casino FAQ

Is mobile gambling legal?

Yes, just like brick and mortar casinos, the mobile operators are heavily regulated by industry bodies. In the UK all casinos get their licenses from the UKGC. To check if the mobile casino you are playing on is licensed, check the footer section of its homepage. By law, the license board and registration number should be displayed.

What games work well on mobile?

Most of the games on a mobile site play very well. Most software providers, in response to the massive demand for mobile games, have incorporated the latest technology in their designs. This has produced games with crisp graphics and fast-paced games all players can play and win slots, blackjack, roulette, and any other game available on the casino. It just depends on your taste.

Can you play free games on a mobile casino?

Yes. These are free games available in the mobile casino. Most of the best mobile casinos usually feature a free play option, and then when players get the hang of the game, they can then play for real money. In some cases, you can even play for free before you even create your account.

Do I need mobile data to play on a mobile casino?

Indeed! You do need data to play on the web. Most mobile sites use web applications; you cannot participate in live casino games; for example, when you are offline. While different games have varying requirements based on graphics, the main gobbler of your data is, without a doubt, the live casino.